Fluepac Powdered Activated Carbon

Limiting mercury and dioxin emissions is a focus of increasing regulation and investment, particularly for coal-fired power plants.

Calgon Carbon is committed to helping plant owners and operators meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations in the most economical way possible. Specially designed to treat a variety of flue gas compositions, FLUEPAC combines high adsorption capacity for many pollutants with exceptional mercury removal rates and low carbon usage rates. With five patents for FLUEPAC technology from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Calgon Carbon is a proven innovator in the field of mercury removal.

FLUEPAC Powdered Activated Carbon Markets/Applications:

Applications for removal of mercury and dioxins include:

  • Coal-fired power plants
  • Cement kilns
  • Municipal and hazardous waste combustors
  • Hospital waste incinerators


FLUEPAC Powdered Activated Carbon Features & Benefits:

  • Validated product performance through over 75 full scale trials at a number of utilities
  • Formulated to work synergistically with other technologies, FLUEPAC products can be implemented as a stand-alone solutions or as part of a multi-pollutant treatment approach
  • Provides effective mercury removal performance without adversely affecting air retention properties of the resultant fly ash
  • Can reduce effluent mercury levels by more than 95 percent
  • Particularly effective in applications where flue gas has elevated levels of sulfur trioxide, for which mercury removal is much more complex
  • Landfill-safe with ash as a non-hazardous material
Fluepac Facts