Activated Carbon Cloth

Originally developed for the British Ministry of Defense for use in chemical warfare suits, Chemviron Carbon’s Flexorb Activated Carbon Cloth now has many relevant uses in defense, industrial, and medical applications.

Calgon Carbon is a pioneer in cutting-edge textile technology through its activated carbon cloth (ACC) for medical, defense, and industrial applications.

Features & Benefits

Flexorb™ ACC is 100% activated carbon and is more effective at adsorption compared to other carbon loaded materials which have a lower activated carbon content.

Flexorb™ ACC has a microporous structure which results in rapid adsorption kinetics and the capability to adsorb to a higher level of purity. Flexorb™ ACC is also suitable for use in applications where there is a high humidity as its adsorption capacity is less adversely affected by moisture. The activated carbon cloth can also be custom-manufactured to comprise a mesoporous structure to adsorb larger molecules if required.


Environmental Air Treatment

Remove odors and filter contaminants in certain Industrial Air applications.

Personal Protection Equipment

Protect against chemical agents with defense apparel.


Improve wound healing with its antimicrobial properties and help eliminate odor.