Mercury Removal with Activated Carbon

Mercury poses serious threats to people, the environment, and to industrial equipment.

Mercury Removal with Activated Carbon

We are world leaders in activated carbon solutions for mercury removal, with a commitment to research and development initiatives that drive down the cost of mercury capture.

Calgon Carbon is committed to helping plant owners and operators meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations in the most economical way possible. Specially designed to treat a variety of flue gas compositions, FLUEPAC combines high adsorption capacity for many pollutants with exceptional mercury removal rates and low carbon usage rates. With five patents for FLUEPAC technology from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Calgon Carbon is a proven innovator in the field of mercury removal.




Flue Gas

Meet the latest emission standards for flue gas from power generation, cement manufacture, waste combustors and incinerators, and industrial boiler applications.

Liquefied Natural Gas

Remove mercury compounds that would otherwise corrode process equipment.