Pelletized Activated Carbon

Calgon Carbon is an industry leader in pelletized activated carbons and reactivated carbon formulations.

Pellets are activated carbon compressed into formed cylinders, and have a wide variety of uses removing contaminants such as volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and mercury from natural gas as well as controlling odor.

Features & Benefits:

Pelletized activated carbon is created by extruding activated carbon into cylindrical shaped pellets with diameters ranging from 0.8 to 5 mm. Their high activity and surface area make it ideal for many vapor phase applications. The uniformity of its shape makes it particularly useful in applications where low-pressure drop is a consideration.

Calgon Carbon Corporation manufactures many pellet types of activated carbon products, each specifically designed to provide a unique pore structure and adsorption properties.

By varying manufacturing conditions, internal pore structures are created that impart unique adsorption properties specific to each product type. The choice of product for a specific application will vary due to differing impurities and process conditions.

The adsorptive capacity of pelletized carbon makes it ideal for removing a variety of contaminants from air and gas streams. Pellets are also an environmentally responsible product that can be reactivated through thermal oxidation and used multiple times for the same application.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of activated carbons, Calgon Carbon backs its products with comprehensive analytical support including feasibility studies and cost evaluations, together with complete adsorptive systems, field service, and troubleshooting. A call to Calgon Carbon to discuss application requirements will help determine the optimum activated carbon solution for your application.


Environmental Air Treatment

Remove contaminants from our air supply, such as toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at air emissions sources.

Industrial Processes

Purification for gas-phase applications, air filtration and odor control.

Mercury Removal

Industry leading pelletized activated carbons are proven industry performers in the removal of mercury from natural gas.